Donut Series

Donut Series:

This is my most recent series, I started this early in 2017. It is apart of a larger body of work that will exist alongside of a future series. I wanted to paint food with the appeal of allure/seduction. Continuing the thought process of complex imagery and capturing the craft/crafting aspect of food. All of the pieces are the same size, 20×20 oil on canvas. The third piece can be seen on my Instagram as a preview/progress shot. I’m excited to wrap up this series, I took a long hiatus from painting after entering the professional world. I found that I wasn’t fulfilled by just creating digital work for my day-time job and decided to paint again. My concept, my ideas, and my terms. These paintings have a significance to me personally, I’ll post more about the thought process and concept in my blog.

Each painting is $400 individually, if you’re interested in the whole series $1,100 triptych.